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Xilinx XC2S200 Price/Performance Evaluation and Selection Guide

he Jul,17 2023 Xilinx

XC2S200 is an early field programmable gate array chip launched by Xilinx. Its performance and price balance make it an ideal choice for small and medium-scale projects and budget-constrained applications. FMall will conduct a cost-effective evaluation of XC2S200, and provide you with a selection and purchase guide to help you understand the advantages and applicable scenarios of XC2S200 in various aspects.

1. Let’s take a look at the important parameters of Xilinx XC2S200:

1) Logical resources:

Number of System Gates: 200,000

Number of available Logic Cells: 4,800

2) Memory resources:

Number of Block RAM (BRAM) cells: 12

The capacity of each BRAM cell: 4,096 bits

3) I/O pins:

Number of Input/Output (I/O) Pins: 76

I/O standard: LVCMOS, LVTTL, etc.

4) Clock frequency:

Maximum clock frequency: depends on the specific design and implementation, generally lower than modern FPGA chips

5) Technology:

Process technology: Adopt Xilinx's early FPGA process technology, such as the CMOS 0.18μm process used by the Spartan-II series

6) Configuration and programming:

Development tools: can be configured and programmed using Xilinx's ISE Design Suite, etc.

Hardware Description Language (HDL) support: such as VHDL or Verilog

7) Power consumption:

Dynamic power consumption: Depending on the specific design and implementation, generally higher-level FPGA chips consume less power

It should be noted that these parameters are listed according to general descriptions and specifications, and specific parameters and specifications may have slight differences. If you need more detailed and accurate parameter information, it is recommended to refer to Xilinx's official documents, data sheets, or specification sheets.


Xilinx XC2S200
                            Xilinx XC2S200

2. Performance evaluation:

First, we will evaluate the performance of the XC2S200. XC2S200 has 200,000 system gates, 4,800 logic cells, and 12 Block RAM cells, which provide designers with certain logic resources and memory capacity. However, compared to modern FPGA chips, the performance of the XC2S200 is low and the clock frequency is relatively low. Therefore, in projects with high performance and fast timing requirements, XC2S200 may not be the best choice.

3. Price evaluation:

In terms of price, XC2S200 is a relatively affordable FPGA chip. Compared with the higher-level Xilinx series, the XC2S200 is more affordable and suitable for projects on a tight budget. Also, since the XC2S200 is an early product, there may be a good supply of used units on the market, which also helps keep costs down.

View some XC2S200 models, click to know the model details:

XC2S200-6FG256C, XC2S200-6FGG256C, XC2S200-6PQ208C, XC2S200-6FG456C, XC2S200-5FG456C, XC2S200-6FGG456C, XC2S200-5FGG456I, XC2S200 -5PQ208C, XC2S200-5FG256C, XC2S200-5FGG456C, XC2S200-6PQG208C, XC2S200-5FGG256I, XC2S200- 5FG456I, XC2S200-5PQ208I, XC2S200-5FGG256C

4. Cost-effective analysis:

After evaluating the performance and price of the XC2S200, we can conduct a cost-effective analysis. Cost performance is an important indicator to measure the relationship between product performance and price. For small and medium-scale projects and applications with limited budgets, the XC2S200 is more cost-effective. It provides enough logic resources and memory capacity to meet general needs at a relatively low price. However, for projects that require higher performance and more complex designs, the price/performance ratio may not be as good as other higher-level FPGA chips.


XC2S200 Datasheet
                               XC2S200 Datasheet

5. Selection Guide:

Based on the price/performance evaluation, here are some guidelines for choosing the XC2S200:

1) Limited budget: If your project budget is limited and the performance requirements are not particularly high, the XC2S200 is an affordable choice.

2) Small and medium-scale projects: For small and medium-scale projects, the logic resources and memory capacity provided by XC2S200 are usually sufficient to meet project requirements.

3) Academic and educational use: XC2S200 is an FPGA chip suitable for academic and educational fields, which is favored for its affordability and ease of use.

However, you may want to consider other FPGA chips if:

1) High-performance requirements: If your project has higher performance requirements, higher clock frequency, and more complex design, you may need to choose a higher-level FPGA chip.

2) Large-scale projects: For large-scale projects, the logic resources and memory capacity of the XC2S200 may not be able to meet the demand, and you need to consider a larger-capacity FPGA chip.

In conclusion:

Xilinx XC2S200 is a cost-effective FPGA chip, suitable for small and medium-scale projects and academic purposes with a limited budget. However, when choosing the XC2S200, a trade-off needs to be made based on the performance requirements and resource requirements of the project. Understanding the performance and price advantages of the XC2S200, as well as its applicable scenarios and limitations can help you make a wise choice.

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