About Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

Lattice is a well-known FPGA chip design company, founded in 1983 and headquartered in Oregon, USA. The company mainly produces low-power, high-performance FPGA chips, which are widely used in communication, computing, video, industrial automation, and other fields.

Lattice's FPGA chip adopts a programmable logic architecture, which can customize various digital circuit functions, including data processing, signal processing, control logic, etc. The company's FPGA chips are highly competitive in terms of low power consumption, low cost, and reliability, and are widely used in the fields of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and edge computing.

Lattice's FPGA chip product series include iCE, ECP, MachXO, CrossLink, and other series, among which the iCE series is designed for low power consumption and small size applications, the ECP series is a high-performance FPGA, and the MachXO series focuses on low power consumption, For high-reliability applications, the CrossLink series are FPGAs for video and image processing.

Product Series