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Quality Control

FMALL has a strict quality control system

1. Quality requirements

FMALL consistently identifies, mitigates, and ultimately eliminates ongoing risks.
We have implemented a quality management system and continuously maintain its effectiveness and process improvement in accordance with the requirements of AS9120B, ISO 9001:2008, ISO13485, ISO28000, ESD-S20.20, and IDEA-STD-1010-B standards.


2. Quality management team

FMALL has recruited a group of professional QC practitioners to form a strong and mature QC department.

Our Quality Management Representative has the authority and responsibility to ensure the processes required to establish, implement and maintain a Quality Management System.

To assess the continued suitability of the FMALL quality system, our professional team regularly reviews the quality system through internal audits and quality reports, including audit results, customer feedback, process performance, and product compliance, the status of preventive and corrective actions, follow-up Actions taken such as a management review.

All personnel must undergo regular quality program training to understand the relevance and importance of their job performance and how this supports our quality objectives.


3. Internal inspection ability

Since its establishment, FMALL has established strict testing standards, adopts the most advanced testing equipment, has knowledgeable field application engineers, and is committed to auditing all component sources and products.

All components are shipped to the FMALL Quality Testing Department where they are inspected and verified for origin (through our 200x magnification, solderability testing, acetone verification testing, etc.) before going into inventory and shipping to the end customer.


4. Our quality inspection system

Visual Inspection/JTAG Testing/Thermal Shock/Tin & Lead Conditioning Services/Acetone Verification

Heated Solvents/Lead-Free & RoHS Testing/Solderability Testing/Data Sheet Verification

Reliability test/opening test/electrical test/DC characteristic test (DCCT)/functional test

Pin Assignment Test/Electrical Test/Complete Visual Inspection/Functional Test


5. Our quality inspection system

Supplier qualification controls are essential. The source of parts directly affects the quality of parts. Therefore, FMALL always implements the ISO9001:2008 management system, strictly selects our reliable suppliers, and only high-standard distributors who confirm our supplier standards, such as manufacturers, franchised distributors, OEM, CM, reputable independent distributors, in order to become a partner of our strict supply chain.

For any questions about our quality policy, please feel free to email us at